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Hello Kitty – Products of a Horror Show

After I recently reported about the new Hello Kitty fragrance for babies that was promoted by Douglas TV, here some more unbelievables about the succesful trademark that might soon come up with its own church soon. Let the show begin:

At the world’s first Hello Kitty-themed maternity hospital in Yuanlin, Taiwan, patients will be bombarded with images of the mouthless cat stamped onto everything from nurses to birth certificates. The Huasheng clinic was built in 2006 with a capacity of 30 beds, and its Kitty theme has been officially approved by Sanrio. Hospital director Tsai Tsung-chi told Reuters his reasoning behind this madness: “I wish that everyone who comes here, mothers who suffer while giving birth and children who suffer from an illness, can get medical care while seeing these kitties and bring a smile to their faces, helping forget about discomfort and recover faster.”
See more @ tokyomango. As Emily Co writes there, recovering probably means not only swallowing pain killers but to “relieve themselves with the hallucinatory effects elicited from Hello Kitty overload”. I personally hope women keep on delivering babies there not Hello Kitties.

I guess the Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan could use this too. In case they have to explain to Hello Kitty sensibilized parents what will happen to the organs of their babies if they do not start to rescue them from this lovely institution soon. Even if you have never cared less, now you know that Hello Kitties do not only have organs but their organs have even eyes and mouth etc. Hopefully this is not going to be used for anatomy lessons in high schools. (via thatgirlsite)

If the baby gets out of the Hello Kitty hospital, Hello Kitty sensibilized parents as well take care that their child is going to be educated in basic IT knowlege by this brilliant Hello Kitty-branded PC recently released by Korean PC maker Moneual. (via crunchgear)

Later in life the Hello Kitty faux-iPod encrusted with Swarovski crystals for around 150$ might be suitable to keep on belonging to the Hello Kitty sphere that has been found on news on japan.

While somehow handling the arty faux-iPod, you can get more Hello Kitty credits on your Hello Kitty Karma account if you also apply the nail art from the Tokyo Nail Expo. (via jezebel)

And believe it or not, you can even save the world with Hello Kitty that has now even been adopted by environmental activsts for charging solar energy. (via product page in Japanese)

The neverending possibilities of Hello Kitty marketing that tries to reach every impossible target groups. On gizmodiva, a site that provides information about recently invented cultural products from Japan, the Hello Kitty beer is advertised like that: “You know that you can never get the men in your life to appreciate Hello Kitty and you have probably given up on these efforts that are bound to be futile. But here comes the Hello Kitty Beer. We know that there isn’t a better way to make your way into a man’s heart than through his beer mug and this pretty kitty seems to know that. It’s Becks beer that has gone down this cute path and provided us with Hello Kitty Beer.” God safe the brain and your liver!

The ones who have sucessfully been converted do not hesitate any longer to stand not only behind but inside a Hello Kitty biker outfit. But where is his Hello Kitty cruising robot ehm motorbike?

However, the game stopped to be funny here. Since what you see here is not cute, fake and innocent any longer but a real gun. The customized insanity is the topic of a CNN video on youtube. Pink, the new deadly colour?

The exclusive Hello Kitty war show must go on: This Hello Kitty Stormtrooper fig-mod was spotted at this year’s ComicCon. The enmies of this cutiedudie probably die of ultra-cute&dumb attacks.
Via boingboing

From now on you will see the world with different eyes………Hello Kitty might even safe your poor soul, not only in this life……


Good Sleeping Walking

When I was a child I never wanted to understand how you can NOT walk in a sleeping bag. There it is, finally. On the link of the post I found this new walking couture, the author writes “Masturbating in public has never been easier!” He or she assumes the “ridiculous consumer product from the States” has been transformed through “several layers of insanity”. However, it’s warm. Might be good for homeless people who need to change places every now and then….I doubt they can afford it though.


Japaner heiratet Nintendo Spielfigur

Vor ca. zwei Wochen heiratete ein Mann in Japan erstmalig einen Charakter aus einem Nintendo DS Video Spiel. Der Name der Braut: Nene Anegasaki. Ihr Herkunftsort: das Game Love Plus. Zu den Hochzeitsgästen, die live während der Feierlichkeiten im Tokyo Institute of Technology zugegen waren, gehörten virtuelle und echte Charaktere: ein MC, ein Freund des Bräutigams, der eine Rede hielt – und ein menschlicher Priester. Das Video zum Fest gibts hier. Der Kommentar eines Zuschauers auf youtube kommentierte das Fest: “Never playing games again.”

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